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Pilates Practice at the Studio

Are you looking for a low impact form of exercise?

Clinical Pilates is a form of low impact exercise that focuses on strength, balance, mobility, and control. It can be utilised for rehabilitation after an injury or surgery and is also a great form of exercise for people who are pre or post-natal. The classes are physiotherapy led and are individualised to you and your goals. Classes are kept small to ensure that you are provided with individual feedback from your physiotherapist.


How does Clinical Pilates differ from other pilates?

We are experts in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

Following a comprehensive assessment, we supply you with a tailored progressive exercise program with the primary focus to ensure you achieve your health and fitness goals. We will perform ongoing assessments regularly, ensuring you have confidence in your progression.

Whether you’re returning from injury, wanting to prevent injury or improve your sporting performance or function in everyday life, clinical exercise classes can help. Our clinical exercise classes are completely tailored to each individual’s needs. Depending on your goals and preferences, your individual program can involve anything from low intensity therapeutic movement and Pilates on our Pilates equipment, through to heavy strength and conditioning and plyometrics in our well-equipped gym. There is something for everyone.

Yoga Class

Do I need a referral?


We receive many referrals from surgeons, sports physicians, rheumatologists, GPs, and other allied health professionals (e.g. podiatrists, osteopaths) including physiotherapy colleagues. However, you do not need a referral to see one of our expert physiotherapists to get started on your journey.

What is the En Pointe Health Difference?

When you see a physiotherapist at En Pointe Health, you are gaining unique access to knowledge and expertise about the best available treatments for your individual pain and injuries. Our team’s clinical expertise is unique.
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