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Leg Injury

Are you or have you had surgery and are looking for a Physiotherapist to help you?

Our team are experts in the pre- and post-surgical management of a range of conditions. We are trusted by specialists and orthopaedic surgeons for the rehabilitation of shoulder, knee, hip, foot and ankle, elbow and spinal injuries pre- and post- surgical intervention. We will help you understand your pre- and post-surgical pathway, and working in conjunction with your surgeon, our rehabilitation programs and treatment will help you recover from your surgery, and get you back on your feet safely and as soon as possible.

How do we help you after surgery?

We are experts in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

Following surgery, exercise rehabilitation is the primary focus to ensure full recovery, however other treatments including massage and joint mobilisation are also used to ensure and fast and pain-free recovery. We will provide you with a detailed and effective rehabilitation plan, ensuring you have confidence in your recovery from those first steps through to a return to sport and other high level activities.

What pre-post surgeries do we specialise in?

  • Rotator cuff tendon and labral repair

  • Shoulder stabilisation, arthroscopy and replacement

  • Spinal arthroscopy, debridement and fusion

  • Hip replacement and arthroscopy

  • Knee replacement, ACL repair, meniscal debridement and arthroscopy

  • Ankle ligament stabilisation and fusion

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Do I need a referral?


We receive many referrals from surgeons, sports physicians, rheumatologists, GPs, and other allied health professionals (e.g. podiatrists, osteopaths) including physiotherapy colleagues. However, you do not need a referral to see one of our expert physiotherapists to get started on your journey toward solutions to your current injuries or pain, regardless of whether they are new or chronic.

What is the En Pointe Health Difference?

When you see a physiotherapist at En Pointe Health, you are gaining unique access to knowledge and expertise about the best available treatments for your individual pain and injuries. Our team’s clinical expertise is unique.
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