Hi, I'm Jemma. I offer one-on-one online 3 step coaching programs

which enable you to regain your confidence, freedom to move and live your best life.

Ready to Start Living Your Best Life?

Do you struggle with:

  • Low-confidence

  • Feel constantly stressed

  • Struggle with time management

  • Find your putting yourself last


Perhaps you have a history of recurring injury/dysfunction and other health issues that prevents you from being able to begin or maintain a healthy routine?

However, you believe the cause of your struggles might be

  • A normal process of getting older?

  • You may not be good enough?

  • You don't deserve to achieve your dreams?

  • Sacrificed yourself through your roles as a wife/mother/successful career woman?


However deep down you feel conflicted as this has left you feeling unfilled.


You are motivated to reach out through your desire to lose weight, tone up, move more and feel good in yourself.


You want to lead a sustainable healthy and active lifestyle, be confident and happy (& look good in a bikini!)


My Offer to You

One on one 3 step purposeful package online coaching programs that enables you to regain your confidence, freedom to move and live your best life.


How you will Benefit??

·         More energy                   Increased activity              Being fitter                    Being stronger 

·         Being more toned          Sleeping soundly              Reduced stress             Move pain free

·         Increased self esteem    Moving more freely          Increased happiness    Lose weight

·         More control                   Improved relationships    No regrets                    Acceptance of yourself



Why a Purposeful Package??

  • Buy an outcome    

  • Increased knowledge   

  • Making a commitment to yourself and your goal

  • Remain laser focussed 

  • Achieve health freedom


Purposeful Packages on Offer

Travelling in America



Book a compulsory time online to discover if now is the right time and if I'm the right coach for you


Climbers in Rock Wall


12 week Package

Learn how to break free from your struggles and become empowered to live and be a healthier you


Rooftop Yoga


24 week Package

Learn how make healthy consistent  choices and develop your road map to leading your best life