Physiotherapy Armidale


We assist you in the management of your pain and physical dysfunction whether it be from an acute injury (sporting, work related, post-op or from an accident) or a chronic, reoccurring health issues that impair your everyday life.

We exist to

​ Exercise. Educate. Empower


Armidale Physiotherapy

Our Core Values

(what's important to us)



  • solve our clients problem 

  • targeted and specific

  • goal orientated


  • commit to constant improvement

  • find a new way 


  • for our clients 

  • for each other

  • for the wider community


  • to achieve a big goal, start with one small step

  • give it a go

You can take advantage of our health therapy team (physiotherapy, exercise physiology, remedial massage) who will effectively:

  • Diagnosis your injury/problem

  • Treat you for the relief of pain, injury and disability

  • Educate you on prevention 

  • Equip you with self management skills 


We work with physical means such as joint mobilisation, soft tissue management, realignment of the body and restoring it’s movement patterns and exercise prescription.

We offer high quality treatment in our comfortable rooms and in our adjoining exercise studio.

We situated in Armidale on the Northern Tablelands in NSW. 


Come in and let us help you.