Top 3 Ways Dancers Benefit From Physiotherapy

Physio for Dancers is a specialised area of Physiotherapy that involves the prevention and treatment of dance related injuries.

1. Dance Assessments: Injury prevention screening

These are detailed musculoskeletal assessments of joint range, strength and control which are important for any dancer regardless of age or level. They can cover areas such as foot control, turnout and hip strength, posture and core control, dance specific technique, and flexibility etc. Strengthening programs can be designed either as a Pilates program in our studio or as a home program.

2. Dance Injury Treatment & Rehabilitation

Our staff have expertise in assessment and effective treatment regimes for dance injuries and overuse problems, particularly for the foot/ankle/lower leg, low back, and hip. To guarantee support for the body while unable to dance and to ensure dancers return quickly and safely to dance again after acute injury or after persistent injury.

3. Pre-Pointe Ballet Assessments

To establish readiness for pointe work through the assessment of foot and ankle strength, flexibility, postural control and turnout range etc. A report can be provided to you and your dance teacher together with a series of home exercises to address any strength or flexibility issues identified.

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